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About Write To Matter 
 Write To Matter was born from the belief that the essence of every human being is valuable.  Our company is a manifestation of the universal love that connects us.

It is easy to respect a person’s place in this world when things are comfortable and pleasant, but how does society feel about someone who has lost their way?  We believe people have the right to matter.  Defining people for the rest of their lives by the error of their ways is misguided.  We may not support the choices people make in life, but we do support people.

Coping, healing and accepting the circumstances surrounding a loved one who is incarcerated can be emotionally draining.
Write to Matter
cards are written with these experiences in mind. We believe
maintaining heartfelt communication and a supportive connection between friends and family can have a tremendously positive impact on all relationships that are affected by the absence of a loved one. 

Perhaps you want to write, but you may not know where to begin when you put pen to paper.  Or maybe you just want a greeting card that speaks to the journey people go through in dealing with a loved one in prison.  Our greetings are written from a place of understanding to uplift, support and inspire people who matter.

In addition to promoting positive communication, Write To Matter provides the opportunity for the formerly incarcerated to share their artistic talents with the world.  People who are often pushed to the margins can make creative and productive contributions to society. Write to Matter is a gallery for the beautiful artwork produced by some of those formerly incarcerated.

We hope you will look to Write To Matter
greeting cards to help convey your message.  From there, we only wish for you and those incarcerated to come to the best place possible in finding peace with what is.
                                                             Our Mission
  • to forge positive communication with loved ones who are incarcerated
  • to seek art submissions and purchase select artwork by individuals who are formerly incarcerated which may be featured on Write to Matter cards
  • to donate to nonprofit organizations whose mission is to promote education, research, restorative justice, alternatives to incarceration and/or successful reentry upon release
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